Tuesday, December 28, 2010

2012 Branson Tourist Guide, New Zip Lines, Shows

Branson, Mo Tourist Guide
2012 Branson Tourism Guide

Nearly 10 million tourists visit Branson, Mo each year to vacation, fish, shop, and relax. Branson is home to 47 entertainment theaters, 405 restaurants, 205 lodging facilities, 10 golf courses, 3 outlet shopping malls, and three lakes. Sound slightly intimidating? How do you plan your vacation? What attractions will you see? Are there any lake activities? Where are the best places to fish? Unless you have been visiting Branson on a yearly basis for the past 20 years you won't be able to scratch the surface on what Branson has to offer. That's where I come in.

I have been living in Branson since 1993 and have employed in the entertainment industry (not a performer) for the past 18 years. I started out working as an usher at the Wayne Newton theater (now it is called The Mansion), went on to building maintenance for Andy Williams, worked the spot lights for Mickey Gilley, and have had various stage technician jobs at several other theaters. The entertainers in Branson tend to switch theaters like its a game of musical chairs. Every year in Branson comes with a whole new set of rules. If you plan on becoming a Branson tourist in 2012 let me be your guide and let me give you a few reasons why.

  • When you work in the entertainment industry in Branson you get to go to any of the shows in town for free. I have seen 100's of Branson shows and have many helpful tips to give Branson tourists to help their vacation to be as pleasurable as possible.
  • I know the best traffic routes to take to avoid traffic. If you have ever been to Branson in the middle of a busy tourist season you will know what I am talking about. I watch people sit in their cars while I'm zipping all around town on alternate traffic routes. I will give you secrets that only locals know. Ssshhh.
  • A healthy portion of your travel budget is going to be spent on lodging. If you want your vacation to wonderful and relaxing, then excellent lodging accommodations is very important! I will be giving advice about lodging recommendations as well.
  • Are you an outdoorsman? Like to fish? Branson has three lakes (Table Rock Lake, Lake Taneycomo, and Bull Shoals Lake), that are all very unique from one another. One is a trout lake, one is better suited for boating, one is better for fishing, one is great for bass, one is excellent for trout etc....
  • Zip Lines - Have you ever been zip lining?  Branson has several, and two more brand new ones in 2012.  You can even zip line off the Inspiration tower!  Needless to say this is quite a rush and one that you won't soon forget.  I can't wait to try the new lines that are being built for 2012.
  • Concerts - Each season there are several concerts that are only for one or two nights.  This year, Bill Cosby, George Jones, and many other legendary stars that will be performing in town.
There are many other areas that I am going to cover in this Branson tourist guide. Without this guide you will be relying on pamphlets from marketers trying to get a piece of your money. Sure their ads will seem real appealing, but if you want an honest guide about Branson then make sure that you bookmark this site. 2012 is going to be a great year for Branson and tourism is about ready to begin very shortly. Make sure that your vacation is properly planned and your prepared in advance!

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