Thursday, December 30, 2010

New Ice Skating Rink at the Branson Landing

Promenade of Ice

Branson Missouri's New Ice Skating Rink

New Ice Skating Rink in Branson, Missouri on the Landing
Every year something new happens in Branson and this year the Branson Landing is opening the "Promenade of Ice" on New Years Day.  Branson is no long a spring through fall vacation destination.  There are shows, museums, shopping, and now ice skating rinks open during the winter months.

The new attraction opens Saturday, January 1st on the Branson Landing.  The Promenade of Ice will be open from 3-8 pm Mondays through Thursdays and 12-8 pm on Fridays through Sundays.  The new ice skating rink will be open at the Landing through February 15th.

Ice skaters will pay $5 plus tax for 30 minutes and 10 dollars for one hour. Skate rentals will be available. The new ice skating rink is being brought to Branson by BH Skating Parks International.

"Promenade of Ice" uses a unique hybrid synthetic ice skating surface.  The new rink will be eco-friendly because there wont be a need for expensive refrigeration units, generators, or electricity.  The synthetic ice is made from a recyclable polymer compound.

So just because the Holidays are over, Branson is no longer slowing down to a standstill during January and February.  More and more shows are now open year round with more attractions available for the winter traveler.  So come on down, lace up the skates and check out the new ice skating rink located on the Landing.

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