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Best Places to go to in Branson, Missouri - Silver Dollar City and More

 What Are The Best Places To Go To In Branson, Missouri?

Best Places To Go in Branson - Silver Dollar City - Highway 76
I have been a local in Branson, Missouri for 20 years now, and tourists always want to know what are the best places to go to in Branson, Missouri. The answer to this question is usually followed by a question of my own. "What do you enjoy to do?" "Do you like going to the shows in Branson?" "Do you have kids?", etc... So to answer this broad, and general question, I can only give a broad and general answer. I will try to pinpoint this answer in a more particular fashion in future postings.

Silver Dollar City

When people think of Branson, Missouri the first travel destination that comes to mind is Silver Dollar City. Is Silver Dollar City one of the best places to go to in Branson, Missouri? Well, first of all Silver Dollar City is a wonderful place to go to in Branson. It grows larger every season, and new attractions are added each year. There is something to do for people of all ages, but it also has its limitations. What do I mean by limitations?
  • Silver Dollar City is an outdoor theme park, meaning that you are at the mercy of the weather conditions.  This can be an issue to the elderly, infants, those in poor health, and for the everyday tourist that doesn't want to battle the heat, cold, rain, and even snow.
  • Silver Dollar City is very hilly and you will be doing a lot of walking. 
  • Parking at Silver Dollar City can be challenging during peak periods of the season.
By no means do I discourage anyone of going to Silver Dollar City. "SDC" is one of the best theme parks in America without a doubt. Silver Dollar City has fabulous food, arts, crafts, scenery, roller coaster rides, and more. I want this blog to give honest reviews to the best places to go in Branson, rather than just a sales pitch. I will give a full detailed Silver Dollar City review in future posts. Be sure to sign up and follow this blog! (you won't be receiving any spammy emails. Only posts similar to what you are reading now, discussing exciting Branson attractions).

Here are some (many, many, more to mention in the future) of the best places to go to in Branson, Missouri.
  • The Titanic - Amazing museum, with the largest display of artifacts from the actual Titanic in the world! The actors are amazing, and the exhibits are quite interesting. Probably not ideal for small children that may not be interested in the history of the Titanic.
  • White Water - White Water is a huge water park right off the main highway 76 strip. Huge water slides, wave pools, and lazy river floating pools to cool off during the hot summer days.
  • Music Theaters - Branson has dozen's of theater's and is considered to be the live entertainment capital of the world. I couldn't just name one here. I will review each theater in future posts. I can't really say which is the best, because music is relative to each person's taste in music of course. Country music is Branson's forte, but they also have wonderful pop, broadway plays, magic, and comedy shows to cater to everyone's personal tastes.
  • Lake Taneycomo - Beautiful lake located in Branson.  Perfect for the avid fishermen, people who want to relax on the beach, and those wanting to take a relaxing boat ride. Boat rentals are available.
  • Shopping - For those that love Outlet Malls, Branson is the place to go. The red roof mall, Tanger Mall, and the Branson Landing provides one of the best shopping experiences that you can find anywhere! (I'm not much of a shopper, but when I go I couldn't imagine a better place to shop).
  • Showboat Branson Belle - Take a cruise on table rock lake, eat dinner, and see a show. Very popular attraction! One of the "must do" attractions in Branson. 
  • Try zip lining! For those adventure types Branson has recently became a "zip line" destination.  I have did it myself and it is a lot of fun.  In fact, I zip lined off of the Inspiration Tower! 2012 has some brand new Zip Lines that promise to be really exciting!
I could go on and on, but I just wanted to highlight some of the popular and "best places to go in Branson, Missouri."  Be sure to bookmark this blog or sign up to our feed to keep up to date on the latest attractions and find out where the best places to go while visiting Branson.

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