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Branson, Mo Nightlife - Bars and Nightclubs Reviews

 Branson Nightlife

Bars, Pubs, and Nightclub Reviews

Branson, Missouri is known for it live entertainment, and country music shows. However, there is a lot more to do than just that. After the shows are over, the nightlife in Branson is just beginning. There are plenty of bars, and nightclubs in Branson to keep the partygoers completely satisfied. Today, I am going to review some of the popular bars in Branson.

Outback Pub - Branson Bars and NightlifeThe Outback Pub - The Outback Pub is located right in the middle of the highway 76 strip, which basically puts you right in the heart of Branson.  The Outback Pub is a bar that has a really nice atmosphere with bands performing six nights a week!  They are also open on Sundays, and carry the NFL Sunday ticket. (approximately 12 different flat screen tvs!) 

The bar has two floors with an Outside deck for people enjoy the beautiful Summer nights in the Ozarks. In fact from spring until fall they also have a band that plays outside on the deck. So all summer long there are actually two bands playing each night. Downstairs the bands usuall play blues or classic rock music.  Upstairs the bands usually play modern rock outside on the patio. There is also a pool table upstairs and there is always a game going on!  They have bands playing downstairs 7 days a week.

Tsunami's Review - If you like dance club, techno music then Tsunami's is the bar for you. Nightlife at Tsunami's is catered to the younger crowd. They have a dance floor and it can get really wild! I have been to foam parties at Tsunami's. They have a foam machine that fills the entire dance floor with foamy bubbles about 4 feet high! Occasionally they have karaoke night. One night when I went to Tsunami's they were having "make your own bikini" night. The girls had to make their own bikini using whatever they could imagine. Some of the girls "bikinis" were made nothing but ummmm "bandaids", and I recall one that was made out of tin foil.  Needless to say, it was quite an interesting night.

Ernie Biggs in Branson - Bars and Nightclubs
Ernie Biggs Reviews - Located on the Branson Landing, Ernie Biggs is a blast! This is a bar that is absolutely perfect for tourists, and crowd participation keeps you laughing and singing all night long. Ernie Biggs is a dueling piano bar.  If you have a song that you want to hear, you write it down on a piece of paper and walk up and place it on the piano.  The entertainers seem to know every single request no matter what it is!  They usually play the songs that they know gets the crowd going! Back and forth the piano players duel back and forth.

As the night goes on, it starts to get crazy. The crowd sings a long, and they get particpants to get up on the stage. You never know what is going to happen. The only thing that you can be certain of, is that you are going to have some serious, side splitting fun! 2012 Nightlife on the Branson Landing is so much fun, and is a must stop if you like to have a good time.

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Waxy O'sheas Reviews - Looking for an Irish Bar with great music, authentic Irish cuisine, and huge selection of Irish Beer? Waxy O'sheas is a really fun place to stop while your on the Branson Landing.  The bands are great, the food is delicious, and there are two pool tables. Located right in the middle of the Branson Landing.

Old Chicago Reviews - Nightlife on the Landing is the best. There are at least six bars too choose from. Basically you can consider it a "Pub Crawl".  Start on one end, and check them all out.  Don't worry, there are plenty of cabs if you have had a little too much to drink!  Old Chicago is a great sports bar, with excellent food.  They carry the Sunday Ticket for all the football fans.  They might even carry the baseball package as well. I am not 100 percent positive on this though.

Old Chicago has 110 different kinds of beer to choose from. You can take the "World Tour" and after you have one of each beer they check it off the list. The give you a World Beer Tour card and you get prizes as you try more and more different kinds of beer. You can only try three different selections on each visit. I think I am up to 24. Lots of great fun and great atmosphere.  Old Chicago is sports bar thats perfectly acceptable for families of all ages. They have an outside patio for you to eat that is located right on the Taneycomo river.

Hillbilly Inn Karaoke Bar Review - If you love country music, and you love to karaoke, then the Hillbilly Inn is a bar that you will enjoy. Very laid back and located right on the strip.

Club 57 Nightclub in Branson2012 Club 57 Review - Nightclub located right on the Highway 76 strip.  This is the place where all of the Branson entertainers go to when their shows are over. The place really starts to get hopping at 11:00 PM when all the entertainers arrive and the bands start. It is very common for entertainers to get up on stage and play with the bands. It's not out of the ordinary to see Elvis, The Temptations, Willie Nelson, and The Blues Brothers all there on the same night mingling with the crowd, dancing on the floor, and partying the night away. Nice wrap around bar, and very comfortable seating. This is the one true night club located right on the main Branson strip.

If you are going to come to come to Branson and enjoy the nightlife. Regardless if your going to a bar or nightclub you should have your hotel room reserved in advance so there isn't a need to drink and drive. Take a cab and be safe! Reserve a Hotel in Branson so you can enjoy the nightlife, bars, and nightclubs in Branson safely!

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