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2011 Gatlin Brothers Show Tickets, Schedule, and Reviews

2011 Gatlin Brothers Show Tickets, Schedule, and Reviews

If you have never seen Larry Gatlin and the Gatlin Brothers, then your in for a treat. They have a dedicated fan base who keep coming back to Branson every year to see them perform at the Mansion Theater. The Gatlins will be performing at the Oak Ridge Boys Theater on selective dates in September and October. They also will be performing with Debby Boone at the Mansion Theater from November 1st to December 7th at the Mansion Theater. View the Gatlin Brothers 2011 Schedule below at the bottom of this page.

The Gatlin Brothers perform two hours of melodic harmonies, upbeat country, and heartfelt ballads.  Larry Gatlin has a special talent of entertaining a crowd with his humor, great voice, and charismatic personality.

When you go to a Gatlin Brothers expect to be thoroughly entertained from beginning to end. If you love their hits like "Houston", "All The Gold In California", "Broken Lady", and "Don't Cry", then you will love this show. All in all they have 15 top ten hits, and they will be playing most, if not all of their hits along with new material that they have put out.

At the end of their show they will sign autographs. In years past they would tell the audience to stay inside the theater if they want to get autographs and have your pictures taken with them (rather than out in the lobby). It's not unusual for them to stand out and mingle with the crowd for 30 minutes. Great group of guys, with tremendous fans showing support year after year.

If you enjoy music from the Gatlin Brothers, I highly recommend going to see their show. They really Put on a Great performance. True professional entertainers!

2011 Larry Gatlin and the Gatlin Brothers Show Schedule and Reviews. Click on one of their performing dates in September, and October for show tickets information.

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