Tuesday, March 8, 2011

2011 Jim Stafford Schedule, Tickets, and Show Information

2011 Jim Stafford Tickets and Show Information

Jim Stafford's greatest passion has always been to perform for live audiences. If I was going to tell you that when you go to a Jim Stafford show you will see Chihuahas, flying saucers, stampeding cows, and cow patties, you may think that I am crazy. That surely doesn't sound like a traditional Branson Show.. Well, Jim is far from traditional, and you just never know what is going to go on at one of his shows.

Going to Jim Stafford's show is like going on an adventure. The minute the curtains rise, the adventure begins. Laser lights, interactive comedy, a 3-D virtual ride, amazing guitar playing, and Jim's zany songs will have you bent over in laughter.

Jim's show is a non stop action, comedy, musical adventure that is great for families....young, and old. When you walk out of a Jim Stafford show, there will be a smile on your face, and you will likely be reminiscing about your favorite parts of the show all the way back to your hotel.

Jim Staffords season schedule will run from March 17th to December 31st. In fact if you come to see Jim Stafford's show on New Years Eve you will receive souvenir gifts, party favors, and experience a baloon drop at midnight! Come on out and party with Jim as 2011 comes to an end. Jim's witty mind is always coming up with new things, and you can bet he will have some wild and crazy surprises in store for New Years Eve!

2011 Jim Stafford's Season Schedule in Branson

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