Friday, March 25, 2011

2011 Shoji Tabuchi Branson Show Schedule, Reviews, Order Tickets

2011 Shoji Tabuchi Branson Show

Why has Shoji Tabuchi been one of the most popular entertainers in Branson for the past 20 years?

Shoji Tabuchi Branson Show
The Shoji Tabuchi show is family entertainment at it's best. His beautiful wife and daughter are up on stage performing right along side Shoji. Their show rivals any Las Vegas or Broadway performance with extravagant backdrops, dancers, choreography, and lighting. In 2010 this show was voted by 411 magazine (Branson's Premiere Tourist Magazine) :

417 Magazine Awards for 2010

* Voted "The Best" in Reader's Choice Awards.
* Winner for Best Branson Entertainer.
* Runner up for Best Branson Show.

Shoji is a perfectionist, and the way he plays the fiddle proves this. The dancers work with a world renowned choreographer and the artistry that unfolds on stage would rival any dance company in the world. Shoji takes great pride on what professionals join him on stage and the quality of the show exudes this.

The Shoji Tabuchi Show exemplifies the best of what Branson has to offer. The show lifts your spirit, and the artistry of the show will impress even the most critical observers.

During the November and December months they add a Christmas Theme. Beautiful stage scenery, majestic dance numbers, Shoji Tabuchi doing what he does best. Entertaining the audience with exemplary performances  by the entire cast.

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