Sunday, March 6, 2011

Aaron Tippin, Sammy Kershaw, Joe Diffie Concert Show

Aaron Tippin, Sammy Kershaw, Joe Diffie in Concert in Branson, Missouri

October 15th, at the Tri-Lakes Center

Three Country Music giants are teaming up to give you one of the best Country Music Shows of 2011.

Aaron Tippin has just about done it all inside and outside of the music business. He's a certified piolot, a farmer, makes his own wine, and is even into competitive body building! When he steps on to a stage, he can entertain an audience as well as anyone in the business!

Sammy Kershaw is a star who likes to get down to the roots, the "bare bones" of Country Music.
He believes that Country Music has it's own soul and doesn't have a particular formula to follow. He captures the essence of Country Music and delivers it in a heartfelt way. He also feels that country music has lost some of it's soul and his current album he has out "Honky Tonk Boots" is his attempt to recapture some of that soul that makes Country Music so great!"

 Joe Diffie is a country music star that has many top ten hits. He also says his roots are in blue grass, and continues to put out great songs.

Aaron Tippin, Sammy Kershaw, and Joe Diffie complement eachother beautifully on stage, and this show at the Tri-Lakes Center in Branson is sure to be one of the great Country Music concert shows of 2011! You might want to get tickets to this show in advance, because this show may sell out!

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