Wednesday, April 6, 2011

2011 Silver Dollar City World Fest Schedule April 7 - May 8

World Fest Schedule

April 7 - May 8

Silver Dollar City

World Fest at Silver Dollar City

Silver Dollar City is well known for it's international festivals held throughout the season. World Fest brings all of the diverse cultures of the World to Silver Dollar City. World Fest is a month long celebration and appreciation for all of our different cultures.

When you experience a culture first hand, you begin to open your minds and and heart to a nationalities way of life. Cultures from all over the globe showcase their talents, their music, and craftmanship. The Festival will include countries such as : Ireland, Russia, Africa, Trinidad, Kenya, Ecuador, Italy, Yugoslavia, and many more! World fest is such an educational and eye opening experience, I strongly encourage that you check it out. You will be thoroughly entertained and fascinated experiencing dozens of different cultures during your stay.

Click on any date on the schedule below between April 7 and May 8 to purchase Silver Dollar City Tickets and experience the 2011 World Fest! Ordering is fast, safe, and easy. Video tutorials are available if you become confused in any way (which will not happen. It's an easy checkout process).

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