Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Hit's Of The 60's Branson Music Show in 2012, Schedule Info

Hit's of the 60's Branson Music Show In 2012 - Tickets and Schedule Information

Hit's of the 60's Branson Show
There's nothing like 60's music and thankfully Branson has a show that plays nothing BUT music from the 1960's!  Hit's of the 60's is back for another season in 2012 and this year is going to be "Rockin" more than ever!

Hit's of the 60's offers the Branson audience a family oriented, high energy show that will take you back to the "British Invasion", "Beach Boy Surfin", "Motown", the "Age of Aquarius", and much more.  There is also a heartfelt special tribute for the Vets who served and protect the freedoms that our Country enjoys every single day!

The Hit's of the 60's show runs from Mid March right up through Mid December.  An entire season of fun for Branson travelers in 2012.  Also, in November and December the Show adds holiday and Christmas songs along to help celebrate and spread the Christmas Spirit (While still maintaining the 1960's music and dance theme).

2012 Branson Show Schedule and Tickets Information

Looking for tickets and schedule information for the Hit's of the 60's show?  For detailed information all you have to do is click on a date that you are planning to visit Branson on the season schedule that is listed below.  You can purchase tickets to the show, buy entire travel packages, and/or even book your hotel stay all in one convenient location!  Simplicity at it's best for Branson guests. 2:00 PM and 8: PM Shows.  2012 Hit's of the 60's Tickets and Schedule Information.

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