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Dixie Stampede Dinner Menu, Schedule, 3PM, 5:30PM, 8PM Schedule - 2017

dixie stampede dinner show, 2017 dixie stampede show, 2017 dixie stampede dinner menu

Ready for another year of fun in Branson, Missouri?  The Dixie Stamped show promised to be better than it has ever been before in 2017.  This show is one of my favorites that I nearly always recommend to friends and family that are coming to visit the area.  I have lived in Branson since 1993 and have seen many show's that have come and gone, but Dixie Stampede is a mainstay that is a perennial favorite with tourists and locals alike.

Dixie Stampede 3PM, 5:30 PM, and 8PM Show Schedules for 2017

Just because you may have seen... maybe the 2016 Dixie Stampede Show and think that it will just be the same, well think again.  Dixie does a fantastic job of changing the themes each year, bringing in new talent and really putting on an entirely new show.  You can truly see this show every year and be just as thoroughly entertained.  You can actually see it twice a year and be amazed at the contrast between the summer and Christmas Shows!  This years show has an entirely different format, fun games for the family and a new experience for you and your family.

So, What Times Do The Shows Start? What Time Should You Arrive?

Well, first of all, please refer to the 2017 Dixie Stamped schedule below for the dates that you will be visiting Branson..  During peak periods of the year they have 3 shows during the day as opposed to the slower periods. For most of the season Dixie Stamped Shows begin at 3PM, 5:30PM or 8:PM.  Looking for something to do in the morning?  Checkout out all of the 2017 Branson Morning Shows that you can choose from this year.  Choose a date for Dixie Stampede detailed pricing and ordering information as well as show overviews, what time you should arrive, and more.

Dixie Stampede Show Tips :

  • Arrive early!  They have a pre-show each year that is always fun to watch.
  • You can get snacks before the show, but once they start serving food in the main arena, more food will be coming fast and furious.  You will be full!
  • Be sure to ask about the vegetarian menu if that is your preference.  They have alternative meal choices.
  • This show sells out consistently, regardless if you plan to see the 3PM, 5:30PM or 8PM show.  You can order by clicking through your show dates below.  The great deal about this ticket agency is that they are actually from Branson.  If you chose to, you could drive up to the building and purchase your tickets there.  We suggest getting tickets early because you will get much better seat.  ALSO, they do not charge you any fees at all.. They purchase price you see noted is the price you pay.  No hidden fees.  This is entirely different than using ticket agencies like Ticketmaster that always has extra fees added before you are done checking out.
  • Be sure to have a few dollars to tip the servers.  They have to work at a fast pace to get the whole menu served to you before the main part of the show begins.  Gratuity isn't included in the price so plan to have some cash for the hard working men and women who help make the show as fantastic as possible.  It's not an easy job.  You will see what I mean when you see the food come out..
  • You will be eating with your hands!  Wet wipes are provided, but you may want to bring an extra napkin or two.
  • Alcohol is forbidden at Dixie Stampede theaters.
  • The Dixie Stampede Show loves for fans to participate so you may be up and down during the show.. Clapping, cheering, or participating in some form or fashion.  So dress casually.. You will be eating dinner with your fingers anyway, right??
  • The riders will meet you after the show for photographs / autographs.  Kids love to see the horses!
  • Children under 3 are free but they will be sitting in your lap ;)
  • They provide doggie bags for what you can't eat... They feed you well!
Ok, now to the dinner menu and what you get to eat!

2017 Dixie Stamped Dinner Menu

Hope you come hungry because the 2017 Dixie Stampede Dinner Menu consists of :

  • A whole roasted chicken
  • A hickory smoked barbecue pork loinn
  • Creamy veggie soup
  • Corn on the cob with hot melted butter (great since you will be eating with your fingers!)
  • Baked potato basted with herbs.
  • Homemade biscuits
  • A specialty dessert (the desserts can vary throughout the season).
Note : They have alternative food choices for vegetarians and vegans!

Oh, Here is the 2017 Dixie Stampede Schedule for March, April, May, June, July, August, September, October, November AND December!

Be sure to check out Branson Cheap Tickets to see if  you can score any discounted tix!

SSS Contribution Tables- 2016 / 2017 Chart Guide

Monday, September 12, 2016

SDC Christmas Parade Schedule, Broadway Show & X-Mas Musicals

silver dollar city christmas parade, sdc christmas shows

Silver Dollar City is well known as one of the best family oriented amusement parks in the world.  If you haven't been to SDC during the winter season you may be missing out one of the most moving, heart warming spectacles that you will see.  During Christmas season SDC turns into a winter wonderland with over 1000 trees lit up.  All in all over 5 million Christmas lights are strung all throughout the park and the entire scene is quite magical.

During the Christmas season many of the rides are still open (the water rides obviously are no longer open during the colder weather) for you to enjoy.  In addition to the rides, many new attractions are added during the Christmas season.  You will see a living nativity scene that is incredible. Every night their Christmas Parade runs twice and two live broadway style Christmas shows are magnificent productions that are a must see.

Christmas Parade Schedule

The SDC Christmas Parade Schedule begins on November 7 and runs through December 30 of 2016.  The parade runs at 6PM and then runs again at 8PM.  Check the Silver Dollar City parade schedule to see if the park and the parades will be running on the day that you will be at Silver Dollar City.

It's A Wonderful Life & A Dickens Christmas Carol Broadway Show Productions

Many people go to Silver Dollar City for the foods, the crafts, and the rides but they miss out on some of the best musical broadway show style productions you will ever see.  If you are one of those who simply has to watch It's a Wonderful Life or A Dickens Christmas Carol on television each and every year, then you will be equally impressed and moved by these productions.

Productions this well done would cost a pretty penny if they were playing elsewhere.  However, at Silver Dollar City the admission to these shows is included with your ticket into the park!

Tip : While the shows are free, you can pay $10 to skip the lines and be assured that you will get a ticket!

Living Nativity Musical

The Living Nativity musical is a live reproduction of the original Christmas story.  This musical is performed about 5 times each day.  The Nativity Musical lasts about 15 minutes so if you don't want to spend a lot of time in a show (when there are soooo many other things to do at the park) be sure to check this out.  It is located at The Riverfront Playhouse.  It's near the entrance.  You will see maps all throughout the park or you can simply ask.  The SDC workers are very friendly and they will be all dressed up for Christmas so you are definitely not hard to find! :)

How to get Silver Dollar City Tickets for a cheaper price.  While you can't ALWAYS get a cheaper SDC ticket, there are several tricks that most tourists do not know.. I've lived in Branson and worked in many theaters since 1995.  Here are ways in which you can get free or discounted Silver Dollar City tickets that can help save you some cash.

Also be sure to check out our site on international travel about mountain hiking, Fortune Island (exotic island in the Philippines).

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Moses - New Show in Branson, Ticket Dates, Schedule, Cheap Discounts

New in 2016 - Moses in Branson - Ticket Dates and Schedule,  and Cheap Discount Specials

moses show in branson, moses at sight and sound theater, moses in branson 2016, moses production in branson, christian shows in branson

The Sight and Sound Theater is a spectacle for the senses.  In recent years the Sight and Sound theater has brought to life several Christian based productions such as Noah, Joseph, Noah and The Miracle of Christmas. New in 2016, this magnificent theater will be performing Moses and it promises to be one of the most highly anticipated shows ever to be in Branson.  Below you will find show tickets information, ticket dates, schedule show times, and how to score some cheap discounts to save you some money.

I personally have seen Noah, Joseph and Jonah and it's hard for me to  single out which one that I enjoyed the most.  I loved how they really brought the theater to life in Noah by wrapping the set around the side which gave you the feel that you were really in Noah's Ark.  You were in the middle of the show!  Joseph left me thinking about the message for weeks after witnessing such great acting and heartfelt emotion on stage.  Jonah was larger than life.  Do you see the whale swallow Jonah?  Of course you do, and they did it masterfully.  Moses has gotten me so excited that I can barely stand the anticipation.  How will they make Moses part the sea?  Will they have the burning bush?  The Ten Commandments scene will likely be incredible!  I will make a new post after I have seen the show in it's entirety.  I will likely go several times to really appreciate the entire production from all angles. Regardless of whether you are a world traveler, a frequent visitor to to Branson, or a local resident, Moses will be a "Must See" show on your itinerary.

Moses 2016 Show Schedule and Ticket Date Information

To view Moses show ticket information, prices, show schedules or cheap discount specials, simply click on the date that plan to visit Branson in the schedule chart below.
Moses Behind The Scenes Tour All throughout the Branson tour season they will be offering behind the scene tours which last one hour. Check out the detailed Moses Behind The Scenes Tour information and see if an up close and personal tour may be something you would like your family to experience!

Saturday, May 2, 2015

Whats New in Branson, 2015 - Shows, Attractions, Events, Theaters, Airport Flights

What's New at Silver Dollar City
What Are The New Attractions, Shows and Event's in Branson?

If you have been to Branson before you know all about Silver Dollar City, Dixie Stampede and the mainstay shows that have been here for years.  If you are thinking about coming back to Branson in 2016 you are probably curious about what new theaters may be in town.. Or if there are any exciting new attractions and/or shows to see..  You may even be curious about what new flights are available at the Branson Airport if you don't feel like making the drive!  Here are some of the exciting new shows, event's and attractions that 2015 in Branson has in store for you!

New Attractions, Shows, and Events in Branson

Fireman's Landing at Silver Dollar City (SDC)

Silver Dollar City always has something new in store for their visitors and 2015 is no different.  This year they have the "Fireman's Landing" that promises to great fun for the family (especially the kids!)..   The Fireman landing will feature :
  • Fire Spotter - Soar high into the air in balloons looking for fires!
  • Fire Wagon Frenzy - Volunteers can jump on board the bucket brigade ride for a bouncy good time.
  • FireFall - This one is for those who are daring enough and not afraid of heights!  Firefall is 8 stories high and be prepared to "free fall" drop.. You may not want to eat lunch until after this one!
  • Roundabout - This one is for the kids...  A Dalmations ride that races around.
  • Fireman's Flyers - A low-flying swing ride for little firefighters.
  • Firehouse Splash Yard - For those who love to get wet and cool off!  Pump hoses and squirting jets of water.
  • Firefighters Fire Drill -  Kids will love playing with foam ball cannons, pump sprays, pouring buckets of water and more.
  • Firefighters Escape - An obstacle course that will really allow your toddlers and small children to burn off some energy..  Structures to climb, slides, mazes and more.
Big name touring acts :

Many entertainers who play in Branson also tour the world during various times of the year... Here are some of the most popular performers who will be playing in Branson during parts of the year :
  • Johnny Mathis, Little River Band, Oak Ridge Boys, Bill Cosby, Rick Springfield, Moe Bandy, Ronnie Milsap, Collin Ray, Tanya Tucker, Lennon Sisters, Mary Wilson from the Supremes, Joe Dee Mesina, and countless more!
View ALL of the entertainers who will be performing in Branson along with their show schedules and how to order tickets!

The Harlem Globetrotters - The legendary Harlem Globetrotters will be performing for kids and adults in June..  This family friendly exhibition of basketball is a hilarious way for the family to get together and share some good wholesome laughs..  The Harlem Globetrotters have been performing for 88 years and the show is just as good you may remember when you were a kid.

Million Dollar Quartet - This Broadway award winning musical helped to bring together infamous icons like Elvis Pressley, Jerry Lee Lewis, Carl Perkins and Johnny Cash..  This one of a kind show will run from June all the way to December!

New Shows at King's Castle Theater

Spirit of the Dance returns to King's Castle Theater in 2015..  Unbelievable choreography and traditional Irish Dance.  The show is not just Irish Dance either.. It's mixed in with Spanish flamenco, and a flare of Cuban salsa.  Spirit of the Dance has been seen by over 30 million people from all over the world!

New Branson Airport Flights

Round trip flights for
  • Branson to Denver
  • Branson to Austin, Texas
  • Branson to Chicago
  • Branson to Houston
What's New At The Branson Landing

This 95 acre retail shopping and entertainment center has become quite popular in Branson and has really rejuvenated the old downtown area.  New restaurants and attractions include :
  • Parakeet Pete's balloon ride.
  • Big Whiskey's American Restaurant and Bar
  • Buffalo Wild Wings
  • New fountain shows of different musical genres like Bon Jovi, Symphony Orchestra, the London Symphony and more.
These are just a few of the new show's, attractions, event's restaurants, theaters and more this year in 2015 in Branson..  Check out ALL of the "What's New" in Branson to find out all of the exciting event's that will be taking place this year!

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Free Discount Silver Dollar City Tickets, Buy 1 ,2nd Free - Coupon

Free Discounted Silver Dollar City Ticket

How To Get Free, or Discounted Silver Dollar City Tickets

If you are looking for free 2018 Silver Dollar City tickets you are probably already well aware at how expensive it is to take your family to one of the best amusement parks in the country.  I have lived in Branson since 1992 so I can honestly tell you that your nobody is going to give you free Silver Dollar City tickets.  However, there are some ways to get a FREE all day pass for yourself and your entire family!  This can literally save you hundreds of dollars and that is not exaggerating a bit!

If you have ever been to Branson before you have probably seen "discount" ticket booths, tents, and tourist centers that promise (usually on huge signs) insanely cheap or free tickets.  All you have to do is..........   Ahhhhh, all you have to do is...... Here it comes..... Here it comes..... Here comes the catch.  Nearly all (99.999%) of these "discount" ticket booths will set you up with an appointment to a timeshare resort.  You will have to wait until your tour comes up.  You then get to go on tour with timeshare salesman trying to get you to buy a timeshare.. I won't even get into the expense of the timeshares.  That's a whole other article that I'll get to at some point.  The point is to get two free tickets (I honestly don't think that they offer Silver Dollar City free tickets anymore.  Too expensive) to a Branson Show you have to drive out to a timeshare resort, take a two hour tour.  Then before you get your TWO tickets you go into an office with a timeshare salesman.  Now you get the sales pitch behind closed doors.  Sounds fun huh?  This how you expected to spend 4 hours of your vacation?..  After the sales pitch, do you get the tickets?  Well, yeah, but you will be sent to their gifting center.  Wherever that is!  It's usually not right at the resort!  So, you have to find the gifting center to FINALLY get your ticket coupons.

Is There A Better Way To Get Free Discount Silver Dollar City Ticket? Yes!

So, is their a better way?  Yes.  If you purchase Silver Dollar City tickets from the Branson Tourism Center they have a deal set up that will give you a 2 day pass for the price of one.  So, basically if you pay for one day you get the 2nd day for free.  This is big savings and really the best deal you will get in Branson.  That's just a simple fact folks.  So, what's the catch?  Their really isn't one.  The only stipulation is that the second day must be used within two operating days of the first visit.  So, if you go to Silver Dollar City on Thursday you only have Friday OR Saturday to use the second day of the coupon pass.  If you have a family of 5 you will literally save over 200 dollars!  No timeshare tours, no hoops to jump through, no sales pitch.. Nada...None!

One more FACT that I want to share is that if you buy Silver Dollar City's and most ticket brokers like Ticketmaster, Stub Hub, etc...... you get charged insane processing fees.  If you have bought tickets from agencies like this before you know exactly what I'm talking about! The Branson Tourism Center is the only place I know that doesn't charge you ANY fee to purchase tickets.  The price that you see is the price you get and the price you see is INCLUDING tax.  No hidden fees, no processing fees, no sales pitch.  Easy online ordering.  You can print off your coupon passes or you can even pick them up when you arrive to Branson!  This is the ONLY Branson ticket agency that offers this deal with no hidden schemes or sales pitch.  This is the only online ticket agency that I know of that doesn't charge processing fees.

Oh, and if you have never been to Silver Dollar City before, you are in for a treat!  You can come when it opens and spend the entire day until the park closes.  You simply can't do it all in one day.  It will take two days to fully appreciate the Silver Dollar City experience!  They have over 20 heart stopping rides, and roller coasters.  Kiddie rides, playgrounds, water parks, etc..  They have 40 shows, street entertainment, craft shops, and mouth watering food.  The entire park has trees everywhere so it's easy to escape the sun..  They even have motorized carts for older guests or those who have trouble walking.  Yes, there is a lot of walking involved but there are also plenty of places to kick back and relax.

I hope this article enlightened you and I hope this saves you and your family TONS of money.  If you found this article helpful, please leave a comment below or like us on Facebook.  Bookmark us and come back to read unbiased show reviews, attraction recommendations etc...  If I don't like a show I'll let you know about it and I'll tell you why!  I get free tickets to all the shows because I work for a Branson show.  Just a backstage hand.  No bias towards any show really.  I have seen them most because hey, they are free (or only 5 bucks) so why not? I love free entertainment ;)


Purchase Silver Dollar City Tickets and Get Second Day For FREE!! Now That's A Discount!


Listed below is the schedule that will take you to the ticket agency that offers the second day free coupon with NO strings attached.  Simply click on a date that your interested in coming to Branson on the schedule below and your in business.  Only takes a couple of clicks and you can either print off your tickets, have them sent to you, or pick them up when you arrive to Branson.  It's as easy as it gets, and the best one stop online shopping for Branson tickets that you will find.  No hidden fees.  No processing fees. You can even book your entire vacation here, including your hotel stay!!  They even have discount vacation packages. It has it all folks, minus the BS..  I stake my reputation on this, and I have been living here since 1992!

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2013 Silver Dollar City Christmas Discount Coupons 2 For 1, New Attractions

2013 Silver Dollar City Christmas Tickets and Schedule - 2 For 1 Discount Coupons

Silver Dollar City is one of the best amusement parks in the world.  This theme based theme park not only takes you back in time, in rejuvenates your spirit and soul.  The roads are lined with trees and the roller coaster twist, wind, and loop through the breathtaking Ozark mountains.  The Amusement Park is filled with delicious smelling cuisine, treats, craftsmen, rides, and entertainment for children and adults of all ages.  Will all that Silver Dollar City has to offer, it also can get "pricy" when you are taking your family for a fun filled vacation.  Fortunately, 2013 Silver Dollar City discount tickets are available that can save you and your family a pile of money!  They are currently promoting a 2 day pays for the price of one day!  There are no hidden costs to be suspicious of.  The only "catch" to the discount package is that you have to use your 2nd days (free) pass within two days of your first visit to the park.  So, if you are taking your family to Branson for the weekend and you arrive on Friday, you would have to use the "free day pass" by the time the weekend is over.  This still gives you and your family plenty of time to view all that Branson has to offer between trips to the park.

So, What New Attractions Does Silver Dollar City Have To Offer?

Every year Silver Dollar City has new attractions.  2013 is no exception.  This year they unleashed the most daring wooden roller coaster in the world, called "The Outlaw Run."  I have rode this roller coaster personally and I can attest that it is a spectacular ride if you are a thrill seeker!  Silver Dollar City also has over 30 other rides to keep you busy.  Some of the rides include "Powder Keg" (this roller coaster ride starts out with a BANG!", The Giant Swing, Wildfire, The Lost River, and so much more.

They also have rides that are well suited for the younger kids that aren't quite ready for the roller coasters.  They have the "Magnificent Wave Carousel, Electro Spin, Racing Regatta, and more."  For young children they have rides like "Wings of wonder", "The Ladybugs and Happy Frogs", "Royal Tea Party", etc... etc...

If your kids aren't in to rides, they still have a load of activities and attractions to keep them busy.  They have a 1 MILLION dollar play area that features swings, climbing nets, fun houses, and so much more!

Live Entertainment

Silver Dollar City has over 40 live entertainment shows every single day that the park is open!  If you love to be entertained, this park is for you.


Do you appreciate how craftsmen can take a piece of metal or wood and transform it furniture, art, or tools?  There are over 100 craftsmen at the park working their craft at Silver Dollar City.  You can watch the craftsmen work and you can even participate in culinary and craftsmen school!

Place To Eat At Silver Dollar City

You will surely work up an appetite will visiting Silver Dollar City.  In 2013 the park features mouth watering cuisines..  Regardless of what your appetite is calling for, Silver Dollar City likely has it somewhere in the park.  Smoked brisket? Fried Chicken? Nachos? Pork Roast?  Whatever your hankering is, just follow your nose!

2013 Silver Dollar City Fall and Christmas Schedule

  • National Harvest Festival - September 12 - October 26, 2013
  • An Old Time Christmas - November 2 - December 3
If you have never seen the Christmas lights at Silver Dollar City, let me tell you that it is a sight to see!  There is also a parade every night that is breathtaking and will surely put you in the Christmas spirit. 

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

New Festival Attractions at Silver Dollar City in 2012, World, Kids, Harvest

What's New At Silver Dollar City in 2012? New Food, Rides, and Entertainment

So, your coming back to Silver Dollar City and wondering what's new at one of the countries favorite amusement parks?  Here is a rundown of some new attractions and activities that you may haven't seen before.  I haven't yet seen them myself.  I'm taking my daughter this weekend so I'll be coming back for a full detailed review ;)

2012 Branson World Fest Attractions

New World Fest Attractions

World Fest will be back like usual, but they will be showcasing six new acts. (it's such a wonderful festival.  Be sure to check it out if your in Branson during World Fest).  New acts will be :
  • "La Bella Musica" - Flag throwing, acrobats, costume parades, stilt walkers and more will be entertaining you along the streets.  This should be fun :)
  • Mariachi Divas - The Mariachia Divas are an all female musical ensemble that has won Grammy Awards in the past!  I've never seen them, but they must be pretty talented if they have won Grammies!  They are from Latin America.
  • Hawaiin Country Music - Folk, dance music.  Stars Grammy winning George Kahumoku.
  • Kenyan Sarakasi Acrobats from Nairobi

New Kids Festival Attractions

The National Kidfest will have two new shows performing this year.  They are :
  • Luma -  3D light show that will tell the story of Silver Dollar City's Marvel Cave and Gazilliaon Bubbles.  That reminds me, I haven't been down in the Cave in a good five years.  It's about time to have another tour.  The light show must be amazing. Even though my daughter isn't quite a "kid" anymore we still may check this out.

The National Harvest Festival Will Feature :

  • New western stunt show (I will enjoy this I am quite positive!) - Features professional stuntmen and women.
  • An Old Time Christmas will have a new play. "It's A Wonderful Life". Probably one of my favorite television/stories ever.  Will be sure to check this out as well.

View Silver Dollar City's Entire 2012 Festival Schedule and Attractions

Purchase Silver Dollar City Tickets - Special Packages

Silver Dollar City is already open! (Opened March 15, 2012).  Make sure that you grab your tickets.  The schedule below often features specials and travel packages.  Simply click on a date that your interested in visiting Branson to view what special deals they have going.  They are a local ticket service company (you know the kind that you see when you arrive in town?) and not a national brokerage like Ticketmaster who charges you extra fees.  Use the service below and the price you see is the price you will be charged.  Not a single penny more! I've been in Branson since 1993 and this is a reputable company that you can trust!