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Free Discount Silver Dollar City Tickets, Buy 1 ,2nd Free - Coupon

Free Discounted Silver Dollar City Ticket

How To Get Free, or Discounted Silver Dollar City Tickets

If you are looking for free 2018 Silver Dollar City tickets you are probably already well aware at how expensive it is to take your family to one of the best amusement parks in the country.  I have lived in Branson since 1992 so I can honestly tell you that your nobody is going to give you free Silver Dollar City tickets.  However, there are some ways to get a FREE all day pass for yourself and your entire family!  This can literally save you hundreds of dollars and that is not exaggerating a bit!

If you have ever been to Branson before you have probably seen "discount" ticket booths, tents, and tourist centers that promise (usually on huge signs) insanely cheap or free tickets.  All you have to do is..........   Ahhhhh, all you have to do is...... Here it comes..... Here it comes..... Here comes the catch.  Nearly all (99.999%) of these "discount" ticket booths will set you up with an appointment to a timeshare resort.  You will have to wait until your tour comes up.  You then get to go on tour with timeshare salesman trying to get you to buy a timeshare.. I won't even get into the expense of the timeshares.  That's a whole other article that I'll get to at some point.  The point is to get two free tickets (I honestly don't think that they offer Silver Dollar City free tickets anymore.  Too expensive) to a Branson Show you have to drive out to a timeshare resort, take a two hour tour.  Then before you get your TWO tickets you go into an office with a timeshare salesman.  Now you get the sales pitch behind closed doors.  Sounds fun huh?  This how you expected to spend 4 hours of your vacation?..  After the sales pitch, do you get the tickets?  Well, yeah, but you will be sent to their gifting center.  Wherever that is!  It's usually not right at the resort!  So, you have to find the gifting center to FINALLY get your ticket coupons.

Is There A Better Way To Get Free Discount Silver Dollar City Ticket? Yes!

So, is their a better way?  Yes.  If you purchase Silver Dollar City tickets from the Branson Tourism Center they have a deal set up that will give you a 2 day pass for the price of one.  So, basically if you pay for one day you get the 2nd day for free.  This is big savings and really the best deal you will get in Branson.  That's just a simple fact folks.  So, what's the catch?  Their really isn't one.  The only stipulation is that the second day must be used within two operating days of the first visit.  So, if you go to Silver Dollar City on Thursday you only have Friday OR Saturday to use the second day of the coupon pass.  If you have a family of 5 you will literally save over 200 dollars!  No timeshare tours, no hoops to jump through, no sales pitch.. Nada...None!

One more FACT that I want to share is that if you buy Silver Dollar City's and most ticket brokers like Ticketmaster, Stub Hub, etc...... you get charged insane processing fees.  If you have bought tickets from agencies like this before you know exactly what I'm talking about! The Branson Tourism Center is the only place I know that doesn't charge you ANY fee to purchase tickets.  The price that you see is the price you get and the price you see is INCLUDING tax.  No hidden fees, no processing fees, no sales pitch.  Easy online ordering.  You can print off your coupon passes or you can even pick them up when you arrive to Branson!  This is the ONLY Branson ticket agency that offers this deal with no hidden schemes or sales pitch.  This is the only online ticket agency that I know of that doesn't charge processing fees.

Oh, and if you have never been to Silver Dollar City before, you are in for a treat!  You can come when it opens and spend the entire day until the park closes.  You simply can't do it all in one day.  It will take two days to fully appreciate the Silver Dollar City experience!  They have over 20 heart stopping rides, and roller coasters.  Kiddie rides, playgrounds, water parks, etc..  They have 40 shows, street entertainment, craft shops, and mouth watering food.  The entire park has trees everywhere so it's easy to escape the sun..  They even have motorized carts for older guests or those who have trouble walking.  Yes, there is a lot of walking involved but there are also plenty of places to kick back and relax.

I hope this article enlightened you and I hope this saves you and your family TONS of money.  If you found this article helpful, please leave a comment below or like us on Facebook.  Bookmark us and come back to read unbiased show reviews, attraction recommendations etc...  If I don't like a show I'll let you know about it and I'll tell you why!  I get free tickets to all the shows because I work for a Branson show.  Just a backstage hand.  No bias towards any show really.  I have seen them most because hey, they are free (or only 5 bucks) so why not? I love free entertainment ;)


Purchase Silver Dollar City Tickets and Get Second Day For FREE!! Now That's A Discount!


Listed below is the schedule that will take you to the ticket agency that offers the second day free coupon with NO strings attached.  Simply click on a date that your interested in coming to Branson on the schedule below and your in business.  Only takes a couple of clicks and you can either print off your tickets, have them sent to you, or pick them up when you arrive to Branson.  It's as easy as it gets, and the best one stop online shopping for Branson tickets that you will find.  No hidden fees.  No processing fees. You can even book your entire vacation here, including your hotel stay!!  They even have discount vacation packages. It has it all folks, minus the BS..  I stake my reputation on this, and I have been living here since 1992!


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