Wednesday, October 9, 2013

2013 Silver Dollar City Christmas Discount Coupons 2 For 1, New Attractions

2013 Silver Dollar City Christmas Tickets and Schedule - 2 For 1 Discount Coupons

Silver Dollar City is one of the best amusement parks in the world.  This theme based theme park not only takes you back in time, in rejuvenates your spirit and soul.  The roads are lined with trees and the roller coaster twist, wind, and loop through the breathtaking Ozark mountains.  The Amusement Park is filled with delicious smelling cuisine, treats, craftsmen, rides, and entertainment for children and adults of all ages.  Will all that Silver Dollar City has to offer, it also can get "pricy" when you are taking your family for a fun filled vacation.  Fortunately, 2013 Silver Dollar City discount tickets are available that can save you and your family a pile of money!  They are currently promoting a 2 day pays for the price of one day!  There are no hidden costs to be suspicious of.  The only "catch" to the discount package is that you have to use your 2nd days (free) pass within two days of your first visit to the park.  So, if you are taking your family to Branson for the weekend and you arrive on Friday, you would have to use the "free day pass" by the time the weekend is over.  This still gives you and your family plenty of time to view all that Branson has to offer between trips to the park.

So, What New Attractions Does Silver Dollar City Have To Offer?

Every year Silver Dollar City has new attractions.  2013 is no exception.  This year they unleashed the most daring wooden roller coaster in the world, called "The Outlaw Run."  I have rode this roller coaster personally and I can attest that it is a spectacular ride if you are a thrill seeker!  Silver Dollar City also has over 30 other rides to keep you busy.  Some of the rides include "Powder Keg" (this roller coaster ride starts out with a BANG!", The Giant Swing, Wildfire, The Lost River, and so much more.

They also have rides that are well suited for the younger kids that aren't quite ready for the roller coasters.  They have the "Magnificent Wave Carousel, Electro Spin, Racing Regatta, and more."  For young children they have rides like "Wings of wonder", "The Ladybugs and Happy Frogs", "Royal Tea Party", etc... etc...

If your kids aren't in to rides, they still have a load of activities and attractions to keep them busy.  They have a 1 MILLION dollar play area that features swings, climbing nets, fun houses, and so much more!

Live Entertainment

Silver Dollar City has over 40 live entertainment shows every single day that the park is open!  If you love to be entertained, this park is for you.


Do you appreciate how craftsmen can take a piece of metal or wood and transform it furniture, art, or tools?  There are over 100 craftsmen at the park working their craft at Silver Dollar City.  You can watch the craftsmen work and you can even participate in culinary and craftsmen school!

Place To Eat At Silver Dollar City

You will surely work up an appetite will visiting Silver Dollar City.  In 2013 the park features mouth watering cuisines..  Regardless of what your appetite is calling for, Silver Dollar City likely has it somewhere in the park.  Smoked brisket? Fried Chicken? Nachos? Pork Roast?  Whatever your hankering is, just follow your nose!

2013 Silver Dollar City Fall and Christmas Schedule

  • National Harvest Festival - September 12 - October 26, 2013
  • An Old Time Christmas - November 2 - December 3
If you have never seen the Christmas lights at Silver Dollar City, let me tell you that it is a sight to see!  There is also a parade every night that is breathtaking and will surely put you in the Christmas spirit. 

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