Tuesday, March 27, 2012

New Festival Attractions at Silver Dollar City in 2012, World, Kids, Harvest

What's New At Silver Dollar City in 2012? New Food, Rides, and Entertainment

So, your coming back to Silver Dollar City and wondering what's new at one of the countries favorite amusement parks?  Here is a rundown of some new attractions and activities that you may haven't seen before.  I haven't yet seen them myself.  I'm taking my daughter this weekend so I'll be coming back for a full detailed review ;)

2012 Branson World Fest Attractions

New World Fest Attractions

World Fest will be back like usual, but they will be showcasing six new acts. (it's such a wonderful festival.  Be sure to check it out if your in Branson during World Fest).  New acts will be :
  • "La Bella Musica" - Flag throwing, acrobats, costume parades, stilt walkers and more will be entertaining you along the streets.  This should be fun :)
  • Mariachi Divas - The Mariachia Divas are an all female musical ensemble that has won Grammy Awards in the past!  I've never seen them, but they must be pretty talented if they have won Grammies!  They are from Latin America.
  • Hawaiin Country Music - Folk, dance music.  Stars Grammy winning George Kahumoku.
  • Kenyan Sarakasi Acrobats from Nairobi

New Kids Festival Attractions

The National Kidfest will have two new shows performing this year.  They are :
  • Luma -  3D light show that will tell the story of Silver Dollar City's Marvel Cave and Gazilliaon Bubbles.  That reminds me, I haven't been down in the Cave in a good five years.  It's about time to have another tour.  The light show must be amazing. Even though my daughter isn't quite a "kid" anymore we still may check this out.

The National Harvest Festival Will Feature :

  • New western stunt show (I will enjoy this I am quite positive!) - Features professional stuntmen and women.
  • An Old Time Christmas will have a new play. "It's A Wonderful Life". Probably one of my favorite television/stories ever.  Will be sure to check this out as well.

View Silver Dollar City's Entire 2012 Festival Schedule and Attractions

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