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Whats New in Branson, 2015 - Shows, Attractions, Events, Theaters, Airport Flights

What's New at Silver Dollar City
What Are The New Attractions, Shows and Event's in Branson?

If you have been to Branson before you know all about Silver Dollar City, Dixie Stampede and the mainstay shows that have been here for years.  If you are thinking about coming back to Branson in 2016 you are probably curious about what new theaters may be in town.. Or if there are any exciting new attractions and/or shows to see..  You may even be curious about what new flights are available at the Branson Airport if you don't feel like making the drive!  Here are some of the exciting new shows, event's and attractions that 2015 in Branson has in store for you!

New Attractions, Shows, and Events in Branson

Fireman's Landing at Silver Dollar City (SDC)

Silver Dollar City always has something new in store for their visitors and 2015 is no different.  This year they have the "Fireman's Landing" that promises to great fun for the family (especially the kids!)..   The Fireman landing will feature :
  • Fire Spotter - Soar high into the air in balloons looking for fires!
  • Fire Wagon Frenzy - Volunteers can jump on board the bucket brigade ride for a bouncy good time.
  • FireFall - This one is for those who are daring enough and not afraid of heights!  Firefall is 8 stories high and be prepared to "free fall" drop.. You may not want to eat lunch until after this one!
  • Roundabout - This one is for the kids...  A Dalmations ride that races around.
  • Fireman's Flyers - A low-flying swing ride for little firefighters.
  • Firehouse Splash Yard - For those who love to get wet and cool off!  Pump hoses and squirting jets of water.
  • Firefighters Fire Drill -  Kids will love playing with foam ball cannons, pump sprays, pouring buckets of water and more.
  • Firefighters Escape - An obstacle course that will really allow your toddlers and small children to burn off some energy..  Structures to climb, slides, mazes and more.
Big name touring acts :

Many entertainers who play in Branson also tour the world during various times of the year... Here are some of the most popular performers who will be playing in Branson during parts of the year :
  • Johnny Mathis, Little River Band, Oak Ridge Boys, Bill Cosby, Rick Springfield, Moe Bandy, Ronnie Milsap, Collin Ray, Tanya Tucker, Lennon Sisters, Mary Wilson from the Supremes, Joe Dee Mesina, and countless more!
View ALL of the entertainers who will be performing in Branson along with their show schedules and how to order tickets!

The Harlem Globetrotters - The legendary Harlem Globetrotters will be performing for kids and adults in June..  This family friendly exhibition of basketball is a hilarious way for the family to get together and share some good wholesome laughs..  The Harlem Globetrotters have been performing for 88 years and the show is just as good you may remember when you were a kid.

Million Dollar Quartet - This Broadway award winning musical helped to bring together infamous icons like Elvis Pressley, Jerry Lee Lewis, Carl Perkins and Johnny Cash..  This one of a kind show will run from June all the way to December!

New Shows at King's Castle Theater

Spirit of the Dance returns to King's Castle Theater in 2015..  Unbelievable choreography and traditional Irish Dance.  The show is not just Irish Dance either.. It's mixed in with Spanish flamenco, and a flare of Cuban salsa.  Spirit of the Dance has been seen by over 30 million people from all over the world!

New Branson Airport Flights

Round trip flights for
  • Branson to Denver
  • Branson to Austin, Texas
  • Branson to Chicago
  • Branson to Houston
What's New At The Branson Landing

This 95 acre retail shopping and entertainment center has become quite popular in Branson and has really rejuvenated the old downtown area.  New restaurants and attractions include :
  • Parakeet Pete's balloon ride.
  • Big Whiskey's American Restaurant and Bar
  • Buffalo Wild Wings
  • New fountain shows of different musical genres like Bon Jovi, Symphony Orchestra, the London Symphony and more.
These are just a few of the new show's, attractions, event's restaurants, theaters and more this year in 2015 in Branson..  Check out ALL of the "What's New" in Branson to find out all of the exciting event's that will be taking place this year!

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