Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Moses - New Show in Branson, Ticket Dates, Schedule, Cheap Discounts

New in 2016 - Moses in Branson - Ticket Dates and Schedule,  and Cheap Discount Specials

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The Sight and Sound Theater is a spectacle for the senses.  In recent years the Sight and Sound theater has brought to life several Christian based productions such as Noah, Joseph, Noah and The Miracle of Christmas. New in 2016, this magnificent theater will be performing Moses and it promises to be one of the most highly anticipated shows ever to be in Branson.  Below you will find show tickets information, ticket dates, schedule show times, and how to score some cheap discounts to save you some money.

I personally have seen Noah, Joseph and Jonah and it's hard for me to  single out which one that I enjoyed the most.  I loved how they really brought the theater to life in Noah by wrapping the set around the side which gave you the feel that you were really in Noah's Ark.  You were in the middle of the show!  Joseph left me thinking about the message for weeks after witnessing such great acting and heartfelt emotion on stage.  Jonah was larger than life.  Do you see the whale swallow Jonah?  Of course you do, and they did it masterfully.  Moses has gotten me so excited that I can barely stand the anticipation.  How will they make Moses part the sea?  Will they have the burning bush?  The Ten Commandments scene will likely be incredible!  I will make a new post after I have seen the show in it's entirety.  I will likely go several times to really appreciate the entire production from all angles. Regardless of whether you are a world traveler, a frequent visitor to to Branson, or a local resident, Moses will be a "Must See" show on your itinerary.

Moses 2016 Show Schedule and Ticket Date Information

To view Moses show ticket information, prices, show schedules or cheap discount specials, simply click on the date that plan to visit Branson in the schedule chart below.
Moses Behind The Scenes Tour All throughout the Branson tour season they will be offering behind the scene tours which last one hour. Check out the detailed Moses Behind The Scenes Tour information and see if an up close and personal tour may be something you would like your family to experience!

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