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SDC Christmas Parade Schedule, Broadway Show & X-Mas Musicals

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Silver Dollar City is well known as one of the best family oriented amusement parks in the world.  If you haven't been to SDC during the winter season you may be missing out one of the most moving, heart warming spectacles that you will see.  During Christmas season SDC turns into a winter wonderland with over 1000 trees lit up.  All in all over 5 million Christmas lights are strung all throughout the park and the entire scene is quite magical.

During the Christmas season many of the rides are still open (the water rides obviously are no longer open during the colder weather) for you to enjoy.  In addition to the rides, many new attractions are added during the Christmas season.  You will see a living nativity scene that is incredible. Every night their Christmas Parade runs twice and two live broadway style Christmas shows are magnificent productions that are a must see.

Christmas Parade Schedule

The SDC Christmas Parade Schedule begins on November 7 and runs through December 30 of 2016.  The parade runs at 6PM and then runs again at 8PM.  Check the Silver Dollar City parade schedule to see if the park and the parades will be running on the day that you will be at Silver Dollar City.

It's A Wonderful Life & A Dickens Christmas Carol Broadway Show Productions

Many people go to Silver Dollar City for the foods, the crafts, and the rides but they miss out on some of the best musical broadway show style productions you will ever see.  If you are one of those who simply has to watch It's a Wonderful Life or A Dickens Christmas Carol on television each and every year, then you will be equally impressed and moved by these productions.

Productions this well done would cost a pretty penny if they were playing elsewhere.  However, at Silver Dollar City the admission to these shows is included with your ticket into the park!

Tip : While the shows are free, you can pay $10 to skip the lines and be assured that you will get a ticket!

Living Nativity Musical

The Living Nativity musical is a live reproduction of the original Christmas story.  This musical is performed about 5 times each day.  The Nativity Musical lasts about 15 minutes so if you don't want to spend a lot of time in a show (when there are soooo many other things to do at the park) be sure to check this out.  It is located at The Riverfront Playhouse.  It's near the entrance.  You will see maps all throughout the park or you can simply ask.  The SDC workers are very friendly and they will be all dressed up for Christmas so you are definitely not hard to find! :)

How to get Silver Dollar City Tickets for a cheaper price.  While you can't ALWAYS get a cheaper SDC ticket, there are several tricks that most tourists do not know.. I've lived in Branson and worked in many theaters since 1995.  Here are ways in which you can get free or discounted Silver Dollar City tickets that can help save you some cash.

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