Monday, February 21, 2011

2011 Red Skelton Tribute Show, Mansion Theater in Branson, Mo

 Red Skelton Tribute Show
By Tom Mullica

Red Skelton was one of those timeless comedians that will live on forever. Red could put on a show that would have you bent over in laughter and tears coming out of your eyes. His infamous skits were legendary.  Everybody would want to see "Freddy the Freeloader", or "Clem Kadiddlehopper" come out and Red always obliged his fans.

He made people laugh from ages 2 - 102. He did this all without using a single swear word and at the end of his show when he takes his makeup off Red always had a very good moral message for the audience to take home with them.

Tom Mullica, puts on the best Red Skelton tribute show that you can find anywhere! He has ever mannerism, look, joke, and accent down to an art form. It's as if the real life Red Skelton is performing through him! Tom Mullica is giving a whole new generation of kids the gift of seeing good wholesome comedy the old fashioned way! This show is absolutely wonderful. In 2010 Tom had health issues and wasn't able to perform.  This year he is back and ready to pick up where he left off, and thats making families of all ages laugh to the legendary comedy of Red Skelton.

Tom Mullica's Red Skelton Tribute Show is the only show to be authorized by the Red Skelton Estate and Mrs. Lothian Skelton.

Order Tickets To See The Red Skelton Tribute Show at the Mansion Theater in Branson, Missouri

Watch this video to see a small clip from one of his shows at the Mansion Theater.

Red Skelton' 2011 Tickets and Show Schedule

This is Red Skelton's Entire Schedule for the 2011 Season at the Mansion Theater. Simply click on a date that you would like to see Red's show. You can order tickets, and book your hotel accomodations in one easy location.

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