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2011 SIX Show Tickets, Schedule, at the Hughes Brothers Theater

SIX Reviews and Tickets Information
at the
Hughes Brothers Theater on Branson's Highway 76 Strip

If you are coming to Branson, Missouri in 2011 and you want to have an experience that you will take home with you that you will be talking about months after your vacation is over, then I recommend going to see SIX at the Hughes Brothers theater.

SIX is a group of six brothers that you have to hear to fully appreciate the extent of their talent. What makes SIX stand out from other shows in Branson is that they create all of the music in their shows with their voices. There aren't any musical instruments whatsoever in their shows, yet it is one of the best music shows that you will ever see. View the video to see just a glimpse of what you will experience when you buy tickets to see their show. Definitely worth the price of admission to be sure!

As you just saw, they sound incredible, and can you believe that all of the music in the song came from their own voices? They sing many genres of music as well. They sing country, folk, barbershop quartet, pop, soft rock, and the blues. The video above doesn't give them justice. You will walk away amazed and the rest of your stay in Branson you will be comparing all other shows to this one. If you are coming down for only one or two days, I'd have to recommend this show as one of the must see shows in Branson!

All "SIX" of the brothers have incredible voices and they all have a unique talent of turning their voice boxes into an entire instrumental band.  This is an incredibly popular show in Branson, so if you are planning your vacation I would strongly suggest ordering your tickets with plenty of time to spare. The Hughes theater probably seats close to 1,500 or so, and I have been there when there wasn't a vacant seat in the house! Dinner show options are also available. You can eat dinner up in the balcony before the show, and the view is very good.

2011 Six Show Schedule at the Hughes Brothers Theater

To order tickets to see SIX simply click on the show date that you would like to attend, and fill out the required information. You can also book all of your lodging accommodations as well, all in one convenient location! It is a very simple process to order your tickets and/or book your hotel accommodations.

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