Friday, March 25, 2011

2012 Chinese Acrobats Show in Branson Missouri, Schedule, Tickets

The 2011 Chinese Acrobats Show

Branson, Missouri

Chinese Acrobats Show in Branson Missouri
Every year, the Acrobats seem to get better and better. I take my family to see this show and each year I leave thoroughly impressed.  My daughter who is now a teenager still LOVES to go, and she has seen the show nearly every year since she was around 6 years old!  We will continue the tradition in 2012 and hopefully for many years thereafter!

This is of the best family shows you will see in Branson. Over 40 Acrobats of China will mesmerize you in an exciting production of fast paced award winning acts that must be seen to be believed.  The show will consist of aerial ballet, tricks, magic, human handstant art, chair stacking, spinning plates, and much more.

You will experience the exotic wonders of China, along with amazing dance and physical performance artistry.  The stage has beautiful backdrops, and state of the art professional lighting.  The Shanghai Circus is considered to be China's most celebrated and respected acrobatic companies. They have amazed audiences from all over the world.

Every year there is a new infusion of talented Chinese Acrobats, who have won national and international awards. The Shanghai Theater in Branson is specifically designed to accommodate this dazzling production of amazing acrobats.  The theater features majestic waterfalls, sculptures, Chinese art and bronze ware that dates back as far as 3,500 years.

If you want to enjoy a show that your entire family will love, the Acrobats of China would be an excellent show. If you have seen them before, consider seeing them again. Every year they implement two acts, and the production is always progressing to amazing new heights. View their 2012 Schedule below.

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