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2011 Twelve Irish Tenors Branson Show, Schedule, Reviews, Tickets

2011 Twelve Irish Tenors Show in Branson, Missouri

Schedule, Show Review, and Tickets Information

This show is a favorite of mine. The music just makes you want to melt in your seat as you listen to their sweet melodic tunes. What brings it all together is that it just isn't one breathtaking voice. It is 12 of the finest Ireland Tenors in the world.

There is a lot more variety in the Twelve Irish Tenors song than most people think.
The set is a cleverly combined mix of Irish folk songs, classic rock hits, pop, and opera. They even pay special ode to Barry Manilow and the Beatles! If your family has a wide range of musical tastes, this show can satisfy them all.

The harmonies that the Irish Tenors can reach is pure perfection. Their Irish charms and wit captures the audience of all ages. It is truly amazing how they can go from opera, to pop, to Irish folk tunes without missing a beat and blending them together so smoothly. You wouldn't believe that 4 or 5 different musical genres could sound so well together!

Each member also showcases their own talent on stage. They sing Irish classics such as "Danny Boy", and "When Irish Eyes Are Smiling". They also sing popular classic hits such as "Yesterday", "Mack the Knife", "New York New York", "La Donna E Mobile", and many more!

If you had the perception that the 12 Irish Tenors would just be up on stage singing folksy Irish limerick songs then you would be mistaken. This show has a lot of variety, and can be appreciated by members of the entire family, regardless of their ages. Be sure to check out their 2011 season schedule show dates below.

2011 Twelve Irish Tenors Season Show Schedule

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