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Dinner Shows in Branson, Mo 2012, Yakov, Stampede,

Dinner Shows in Branson, Mo in 2012 - Yakov, Dixie Stampede, Branson Belle, More...

2012 Branson Dinner Shows, Yakov, Dixie, Belle
Are you coming to Branson, Mo in 2012 and would like to be experience a unique night of fun, delicious dining, and professional entertainment? I would strongly recommend going to a Branson Dinner Show and there are several reasons why....

I have lived in Branson for over 20 years and have seen the landscape change tremendously. New roads have been added that has relieved much of the traffic congestion, however before and after the shows traffic is still an issue.. Going to a dinner show allows you to be at the theater without fear of getting stuck in traffic during "pre-show" congestion.

I have been to most of the Dinner Shows listed below and I can assure you that you will be in for a unique experience. You will be served 4 course meals inside of the theater with wonderful entertainment. The only show I haven't seen below is the Circle B Supper Show (although I have heard some great things if you like Country Western Music). Below is a list of the 2012 Branson Dinner Shows along with schedule and tickets information.

2012 Branson Dinner Show Attractions
Yakov Dinner Feast and Adventure - 15 international acts combine to bring you tale of comedy and love. Two lovers battle the odds and escape to a far away place to love eachother freely. You will be right in the middle of this heartwarming adventure, while participating in all the mesmerizing scenes that unfold. View Yakov Dinner Show information. Tickets, schedule, and dinner menu.

Showboat Branson Belle in 2012 - I try to make it out to the Showboat Branson Belle every year. I have a 16 year old daughter that has probably been on the boat a dozen times enjoying dinner and wonderful entertainment. Great for the whole family. Great food. Children's and an alternative Vegan menu is available. 2012 Showboat Branson Belle Dinner schedule and show information.

Sons of the Pioneers -  In 2012 the Sons of the Pioneers will be at the Shepherd of the Hills Pavilion Theater.  Enjoy those classic Western harmonies along with many of the Son's of the Pioneers classic hits like "Tumbling Tumbleweeds" and "Cool Water". The menu consists of a mouth watering beef brisket, smoked chicken, potatoes, corn, and barbecued beans.  All served straight off an 1800's chuck wagon! View show times, tickets info, and schedule dates for the Sons of Pioneers Dinner show

Comedy Hypnosis Dinner Show
- Do you think you could be hypnotized? Jecobie Roberts is a master hypnotist that has performed at Disney Land, Disney World, and even the 1984 Olympics!  Join the fun and be entertained in a unique way that will provide a long lasting memory for the whole family.  Not only is this a hypnotist show, but the dinner buffet menu includes items such as : Hickory smoked ribs, pork chops, catfish, brisket, chicken, shrimp, macaroni, veggies, rolls, and more!  If you love hypnotists and you love to eat, this dinner show is for you! Comedy Hypnosis Dinner Show.

Dixie Stampede - If you have seen Dixie Stampede you know what your in for.  A night of fun, laughs, and a great meal for the entire family. It doesn't matter if you have seen the show 5 times, you will be excited to see it for the 6th!  Each year the show changes and evolves into something greater and more entertaining.  I've shared a lot of great memories with my daughter at this show.  The dinner is great too. Alternative menu's for vegetarians as well.  Dixie Stampede Show Schedule, Tickets, and Menu information.

Legend of Kung Fu - This is a fabulous show that was the opening act at the Beijing Olympics. This is a story of young boy name Chun Yi who learns the ancient art of Kung Fu.  It is narrated by his wise old Kung Fu Master.  This show has been seen all around the world and has been entertaining Branson for the last several years.  Last year was my first experience and I was amazed at how the show evolved.  In the beginning a young boy plays the role of Chun Yi and as his life unfolds other amazing performers take over the role as his life progresses.  You can always tell who Chun Yi is by the red ribbon that he wears throughout the show.  The dinner was very good and this is one of the few shows in Branson that will serve beer.  I tried an Asian beer just for the experience.  It was good but I have a hard time thinking I would pick up a six pack at the store ;)  Purchase Legend of Kung Fu Dinner and Show Tickets.

Murder Mystery Dinner Show - Murder Mysteries are a blast.  If you love this kind of entertainment, it's a must see.  Depending on what time of the season you arrive to Branson will decide on which murder mystery that you will see.  There are four murder mystery plays throughout the season.  They are "Murder At The Hop", "It WAS A Wonderful Life", "Marriage Is Murder", and "Scared To Death".  View Murder Mystery Schedule and Tickets info.

Paul Harris and the Cleverly's - Do like comedy? How about music? Paul Harris is a hilarious comedian and a wonderfully talented musician.  The Cleverly's have performed at places like the Grand Ole Opry!  Read more information about the Paul Harris and Cleverly's Dinner Show in Branson.

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