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Branson Redneck Tenors 2012 Schedule, Tickets, Review, Theater

Branson Redneck Tenors 2012 Schedule, Tickets, Review, Theater

Redneck Tenors, Branson Show
The Redneck Tenors have made quite the names for themselves in Branson.  When they first came to Branson I remember seeing them on the television as one of the top finalists for America's Got Talent.  At first I must admit that I was quite skeptical about them being about to stand on their own in Branson.  These are one of those cases where I'm proud to say that my skepticism had no basis! This show is funny from beginning to end and by the end of the show you are in awe by how much talent this trio truly has!

These aren't just a trio of redneck comedians that are adding a touch of music to their show.  These are classically trained artists that have a resume that anyone would be inpressed by.  They are a cast of Broadway veterans that have performed in some of the most well respected Broadway theaters.

As the show began I had no idea what to expect.  The pictures inside the theater and the show brochure features a cast of redneck boys with mullets that you would more likely see swiggin' beer, shootin' at beer bottles, and frolicking around a camp fire.  After the show begins, this is still the impression that you have........until you hear them sing!

One afternoon Billy Bob, Billy Joe, and Billy Billee were sitting outside their trailer.. Well to them it is their "mobile music studio". Along comes along a shrewd "city man" with an eye for talent stumbles upon this trio.  After hearing the boys sing, the city man sets out to find the perfect venue for the Redneck Tenors to shine and cash in on these talented boys. This is where the fun really begins.  You will follow the Redneck Tenors as they play all sorts of genres of music.  They will have you laughing out of your chair as they perform Elvis, Country, and Opera classics.  Finally, by the end of the show the Redneck boys make it big and finally reach Carnegie Hall for that perfect venue that they were searching for!

I loved this show because they somehow can coral world class talent and combine it with backwoods hilarious comedy that will have you in tears.  Bring the whole family for this one because it's one "heck-uva" rip roarin good time.

Redneck Tenors 2012 Show Schedule

Coming to Branson in 2012?  Make sure you add the Redneck Tenors to your itinerary.  I've seen almost every show in Branson, and this one is a blast to go to!  The will be performing at the Americana theater on West Highway 76.  View the schedule below to purchase tickets and see detailed pricing, directions, and showtime information.  Simply click on a show date on the schedule below to view info.

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